Michael Shipley "Mikey"

Lead Guitar and Vocals... Michael Shipley was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 2, 1954. Michael started playing guitar at the age of 17. He learned to play only by ear. Never having taken a lesson, Michael’s entry to the music world came through listening to Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues. Michael’s resume of bands were Roger Pace & The Dusty Shelf, Lee Shane & Springfever, Wintersunn, Cat Traxx, Bacchus, Sinbad, Spice and Nitelife, performing a repertoire of music from the 40’s clear through the current hits of today. Mike also opened for national acts such as The Producers and Quiet Riot.

In the mid-80’s, Michael decided to play part-time music and work full-time. This is when Michael married Diane and started a family. Michael and Diane have been married for 24 years and are the proud parents of Blair Nicole and Kyle Michael.

Michael has been in the music circuit longer than he cares to remember, and has met a lot of inspiring musicians such as Lorraine Allen, Tom Dildy, Don Mark and Jan Zukowski, which has led him to his new adventure with The Fabulous Hubcaps. Michael would like to thank everyone through this journey and the opportunity to be part of The Fabulous Hubcaps family. Michael would like all of you to sit back and enjoy the ride with him on his new endeavor.